22 August 2022

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But across the world, climate change is making it even harder for communities to get these essentials. Everyone needs a reliable supply of water that keeps pumping throughout flood, drought and natural disaster. With clean water, people can stay disease free, go to school, earn a living and be better prepared, whatever the future may bring.

Thanks to players’ support, WaterAid is helping communities who are especially vulnerable to climate change, not only by installing lifesaving taps and toilets, but by campaigning for lasting investment and change. And, a key part of the solution is being driven by community activists like Victoria in Uganda.

She joined WaterAid’s mission to reach everyone, everywhere as part of a programme supported by players. She represents a farmers’ cooperative and knows first-hand the impact more extreme and unpredictable weather is having on families. She took part in training to inform people about climate change and what they can do to adapt.

“The changes in our climate have made access to safe water where I live a far-fetched dream for many residents. We have very few boreholes serving a big population. The majority of people are getting water for their household needs from swamps, yet this water is not safe for human consumption,” Victoria said.

The training, led by WaterAid’s team in Uganda, shared vital information about climate change and environmental protection. It explored practical options for the community, such as switching crops from rice – which affects wetlands – to peanuts, or planting more trees to protect water sources.

“From that moment, I wanted to use my influence to be a climate change agent in my community.”

Victoria even took to the radio to raise more awareness and help communities get involved in protecting their water sources and other essentials such as decent toilets and good hygiene which together help protect families.

“I encouraged community members to care of the environment … it was a golden opportunity for climate change awareness as many people listen to the radio, and it also reaches communities beyond the project target communities.”

A huge thank you to players of People’s Postcode Lottery who last year raised £2.5m to support WaterAid’s work. With their support, activists like Victoria can help spread the word and empower communities to demand their rights.

“Our climate change community awareness strategy has started to yield positive results, many people can now relate the challenges they face such as drying water sources, floods, and strong winds to a changing climate. People are demanding trees for planting, and environmentally friendly options.”

WaterAid is at World Water Week 2022 (23 Aug – 1 Sep) demanding world leaders act now and support the world’s most climate-vulnerable groups through finance, innovation and the inclusion of women and girls.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised over £19,113,572 for WaterAid, with funds awarded via the Postcode Global Trust.