Charity Lottery Reform

People’s Postcode Lottery is calling for the charity lottery annual sales limit to be removed.

Although we welcomed the UK Government partially raising the annual sales limit from £10 million to £50 million in 2020, this change did not go far enough.

The current £50 million annual sales limit remains restrictive, resulting in avoidably high costs for operators which ultimately diverts potential funds from charities.

Charity lotteries, charities and politicians from all major parties are now calling on the UK Government to remove the annual sales limit as soon as possible.

The reason why charity lottery sales limits exist at all is unclear. It may be due to historic concerns and previous misconceptions around impact on the National Lottery, which cumulative evidence has now thoroughly debunked.

This issue has been looked at in detail several times now, with the recent DCMS Select Committee’s report on What Next for the National Lottery? concluding that charity lotteries play a different role from the National Lottery and do not pose a threat to the National Lottery’s charitable giving.

Good causes are at the heart of People’s Postcode Lottery. We are committed to ensuring they get the maximum amount of funds possible. That is why we will continue to campaign for the charity lottery annual sales limit to be removed.