Postcode Lottery Group

Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group is a social enterprise, 100% owned by a foundation, that contributes to a healthier, fairer, greener world.

It establishes and operates charity lotteries worldwide to raise funds for good causes.

With over 14 million subscription-based players across five countries, our unique lotteries provide a fun and safe way of community fundraising, where neighbours win together, and communities locally and globally benefit from charity funding.

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Postcode Lottery Group executive board members:
Imme Rog, Michiel Verboven and Sigrid van Aken

The executive board is responsible for the daily management of Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group and its affiliated companies. Our board members are Sigrid van Aken (CEO), Imme Rog (CMO) and Michiel Verboven (CCO).

Postcode Lotteries

In 1989 the Dutch founders started the Nationale Postcode Loterij in the Netherlands, a unique format based on postal codes, communities winning together, and subscriptions, to provide long-term funding for good causes and social organisations, with unrestricted flexible funding.

After the success of this first Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands, since 2005, Novamedia, as format owner, launched four Postcode Lotteries in four other countries so far: in Sweden (Svenska Postkodlotteriet), Great Britain (People’s Postcode Lottery), Germany (Deutsche Postcode Lotterie) and Norway (Norsk Postkodelotteri).

These lotteries are collectively known as the Postcode Lottery Group.

Funding with impact

Annually, the Postcode Lottery Group donates over €900 million, and since 1989 our charity lottery formats have led to over €13.5 billion donated to charities. Postcode Lottery Group is recognised as the world's 3rd largest private charity donor, after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2021).

Re-investing to grow its impact

Novamedia is a revolving fund and re-invests money to establish and the lotteries in new countries, constantly expanding the benefits of charity lotteries for civil society.