01 August 2022

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Join in the countdown to opening the England Coast Path
No matter where we live, there's a stretch of the British coast that is close to our heart. This summer, join walking charity the Ramblers’ Coast Path Countdown as they work to connect all sections of the England Coast Path to create routes right around Great Britain. When the 2,690-mile route is completed, it will be the world’s longest, continuous coast path, with an instrumental role played by the Ramblers.

Join in the campaign and share your summer walking photos with them using #coastpathcountdown @RamblersGB on Instagram and Twitter and @ramblers on Facebook. The Ramblers is the only charity dedicated to removing barriers so everyone can enjoy walking in green spaces, and to improving Britain’s most popular and least-known walking places.

Open up new places to walk
It’s taken years of campaigning, mapping and surveying to get to this point – and the job isn’t done yet. There’s still a lot of vital work for Ramblers volunteers, campaigners and partners to do to get all the sections of the England Coast Path completed and connected. It’s a big challenge. Right now, a quarter of the route is ready – leaving more than 2,000 miles of path to open.

Nuala’s contribution

Nuala Wright is one of many dedicated Ramblers volunteers around Britain.  She has been working with Natural England to open the Northumbrian stretch of the coast, from North Gare, Hartlepool to the Scottish Border, north of Berwick on Tweed.

Nuala says “Thanks to the England Coast Path you can now enjoy wonderful, wild views that weren’t accessible before. I think it’s the wide-open views that draw us to the coast and make walking there so special. You see stunning views for such long distances out to sea, completely uninterrupted.
People also love the challenge of a long-distance path, dividing long walks into sections – and what could be more exciting than doing that on the world’s longest continuous coastal trail!”

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised £15,962,278* for the Ramblers, with funds awarded via Postcode Active Trust.

*People’s Postcode Lottery previously managed lotteries directly for this good cause.