07 March 2022

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Women for Women International invests where inequality is greatest by helping women who are forgotten – the women survivors of war and conflict.

Across eight post-conflict countries, women enrolled in Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Programme learn the skills they need to rebuild their lives and nations. Women in the programme connect with each other to form support networks and learn to earn an income and save money, gain knowledge and resources to care for their families, and defend their rights.

Since 1993, the organisation has invested in the power of over 519,700 women, supporting them to use their voices and create a ripple effect that makes the world more equal, peaceful, and prosperous.

Daniella, a programme graduate from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the players of People’s Postcode Lottery have generously supported Women for Women International’s work, shared:

"My future is assured because I have just opened my tailoring workshop…I have started generating some revenue which is helping me to feed my family. I believe in a bright future."

Since 2017, players of People's Postcode Lottery have committed £4.5 million to help transform the lives of thousands of women living in some of the most dangerous countries on Earth.

This support will:

  • Help 2,450 marginalised women in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and South Sudan to gain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to rebuild their lives, families and communities.
  • Support women in Afghanistan to help them to survive the current crisis and contribute towards building a more peaceful nation for the long term.
  • Engage male leaders and community members in Nigeria and South Sudan to understand women's issues and inspire them to champion the rights of the women and girls in their lives and countries.
  • Amplify the voices of women survivors of war who are too often forgotten or ignored.
  • Strengthen the global sisterhood and increase the power of women, for women.

This International Women’s Day, people are pledging to use their #PowerToChange the world for the sake of every woman, anywhere, everywhere.

Every day, women in Women for Women International’s programme rise up in the face of inequality and conflict and take control of their lives. They make small, positive changes which in time have a lasting effect on their families and communities. They are proof that the power to make a small but mighty difference lies within us all.

Join Women for Women International’s campaign and pledge to use your #PowerToChange the world.

Image: Serrah Galos.