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Every day, people suffer and lives are destroyed because of war. But it doesn't have to be this way. Peace Direct is an international charity dedicated to stopping wars, one person at a time.

In every conflict, local people are building peace – stopping violence, uniting communities, and saving lives. These local people disarm rebels, resettle refugees, protect the vulnerable, unite communities, and restart economies. They work at great personal risk to prevent, resolve and heal conflicts in some of the world's most fragile countries.

This year, thanks to vital support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, Peace Direct has continued to support war-torn communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and help reintegrate child soldiers.

Working with their local partners, Centre Resolution Conflits (CRC), Peace Direct supports local communities and former fighters, helping them build resilience in dealing with conflicts, reduce tensions, and strengthen livelihoods through farming and other activities.

Players have raised nearly £1 million for Peace Direct.

Here are some of the ways players’ support is making a difference.

  • CRC has set up 19 community agricultural cooperatives composed of a mix of genders, tribes, and civilians as well as ex-combatants – totalling 619 members, and reaching over 2,500 people, including family members
  • 952 children in conflict-affected areas were supported to return to school
  • 582 people working in the cooperatives received training in new agricultural techniques to apply to their fields. Many cooperative members are already developing their own income-generating activities through the skills they have received, for example fish farming, carpentry and oil mills

With support from players, Peace Direct will continue working with their partners to support those affected by conflict to rebuild their lives.

To mark International Day of Peace on 21 September, Peace Direct is talking about solidarity.

Pledge to make violent conflict a thing of the past by visiting