20 June 2022

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Inspired by the mental health issues they faced as a result of the bullying, isolation, and discrimination they experienced growing up as LGBTQ+ in a rural village, identical twins Max and Maya Price set up Proud2Be in 2011 by launching the Proud2Be campaign which now features videos and photos from various public figures and members of the public.


In a short time, Proud2Be has established itself as a well-respected social enterprise, facilitating various groups and events including an online group, an in-person evening group in Newton Abbot, an in-person Saturday group in Newton Abbot, a low-key group and Totnes Pride. The groups and events are supported by a volunteer base of 50.


Proud2Be also runs a youth project, which includes online and in-person weekly youth groups in Totnes and Newton Abbot, 121 youth support, and a family coffee morning in Newton Abbot.


Proud2Be delivers interactive workshops to students and awareness training to organisations and schools around the UK.

“I have made some amazing new friends and my confidence in being me has continued to grow! I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be a part of, they are all like my LGBT+ family” – Scarlett, February 2022

“Proud2Be has introduced me to a new level of acceptance of both myself, and others. It’s a calming and welcoming environment that treats us all as equals and encourages growth in its members in an effortlessly passive and inclusive way. It has saved my pandemic!” – Lindsay, February 2022

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised funds which have been awarded, through Peoples Postcode Trust, to support the work carried out by Proud2Be. These important funds will allow the charity to recruit an ‘Adult Wellbeing and Engagement Coordinator’. This will mean that Proud2Be can continue to provide their ‘life-saving’ adult services and begin to reach more LGBTQ+ people in need.

Proud2Be is hosting their 10th Totnes Pride event on the 3rd of September 2022. The event is open to everyone and is free to attend. Head to the Proud2Be website for all info!