30 January 2023

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“Say yeah!” - the two little words that once got millions of TV viewers across the nation off their sofas and moving.  

Mr Motivator is still moving and grooving and says: “If you have health, you have hope and if you have hope you have EVERYTHING.”  


In 2022 Mr Motivator set the nation a challenge to get up and move more, through Royal Voluntary Service’s ‘Virtual Village Hall’, where he hosted a fun, free live workout. 

It was this workout that drew Sue Owen, 65, to switch on, start moving and change her life. 


Virtual Village Hall is an online activity hub and community, designed by Royal Voluntary Service and supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery and awarded funds by the Postcode Support Trust.   


Since her first class, Sue has now become a yoga regular and ‘visits’ at least twice a week. The classes have radically improved her physical activity AND her mental wellbeing and the combination of exercise, dance classes and regular walking keeps her fit.   


Sue says: “Practising Yoga with our instructor Dave has helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have laughed and laughed.”   


She also enjoys knowing there are people from all parts of the country joining in and feels a sense of community and connection when Virtual Villagers chat online during the live sessions.    


Sue continued:“I am so grateful to the Virtual Village Hall for offering such a wide selection of activities for different tastes and abilities. My life definitely feels richer as a result of actively participating in the Virtual Village Hall.”


Mr Motivator said: “It can be easy to persuade ourselves that we don’t have the time, space or energy for exercise, particularly if we’re new to exercise or returning after a break but being physically active is great for our bodies and even better for our minds.

“We all need a little motivation to move more and to find the inspiration to be the best version of ourselves and I’m thrilled that my session in January has set Sue on her fitness journey.”      


Players of People’s Postcode Lottery also support the Royal Voluntary Service with their programme ‘First Time for Everything’ offering a range of free activities in their local community to support physical and mental health, wellbeing and digital literacy.    


One person who rocked up and rolled back the clock was Bruce Elliott, 70, who revisited his love-affair with table tennis. Bruce was a keen TT player in his youth but when he got married, his priorities changed, and Bruce put down his bat.   


Fast forward 50 years to March 2022 when Bruce’s daughter shared a Facebook post about a free table tennis taster session at The Dumyat Community Centre in Menstrie, Clackmannanshire and Bruce was at the front of the queue.    


Due to caring commitments for his wife, Bruce doesn’t get too much time for himself so when his daughter spotted this opportunity, she pushed him to go along. The session made quite an impact on Bruce’s life. He and others enjoyed the session so much that they asked local activity coordinator Kimberley Gray if the session could become a regular fixture.  


Now, six months later, with further support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Menstrie Seniors Table Tennis Club is flourishing.

Now, six months later, with further support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Menstrie Seniors Table Tennis Club is flourishing.    


Bruce says: “The First Time for Everything taster session got me back into playing table tennis and made me keen to carry on playing. My daughters sit with my wife while I go to the club each week, and I really enjoy it. Playing table tennis is good for me physically and mentally as you must be fit and agile to think about your next move. It’s sociable too as we stop for a cuppa, a natter and a catch up. It gets me out and has helped me meet other people.”   


Local activity coordinator Kimberley Gray says: “Menstrie Seniors Table Tennis Club is a brilliant example of what can be achieved when you plant a seed and empower people to keep going. That First Time for Everything taster session was just the start and we are so grateful to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for supporting its growth.”      


Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £16million for Royal Voluntary Service since 2012 allowing them to help older and vulnerable people across the country. Programmes such as First Time for Everything and the Virtual Village Hall offer important socialising opportunities and allow people the chance to develop a new skill or hobby, all made possible thanks to the vitally important funding raised by players of the lottery.     


To learn more about First Time for Everything, the Virtual Village Hall or of the other great programmes offered by Royal Voluntary Service please visit