31 October 2022

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Learning through Landscapes encourage children to connect with the natural world, become more active, and be more engaged with their education through learning and play outdoors. The charity’s vision is a society where the benefits of regular time outdoors are valued and appreciated, and outdoor learning, play and connection with nature is recognised as a fundamental part of education, at every stage, for every child and young person.

Regular time outdoors for learning and play have been shown to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children. Research suggests that it boosts self-confidence, social skills, physical skills, knowledge and understanding, and fosters a positive attitude to learning. It allows children to explore risk and uncertainty in a safe setting and teaches them to embrace the unknown rather than shy away from it.

LtL believe that all schools should feel empowered to provide children and young people with enriching opportunities to learn outdoors and connect with nature. Thanks to players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, they will be able to distribute Local School Nature Grants to 3,322 schools and early years settings by the end of 2022. When a school receives a grant, they benefit from LtL’s unrivalled knowledge and expertise through delivery of a tailored teacher training session, they also receive outdoor learning equipment of their choice to enhance the learning and development of their pupils.

Carley Sefton, CEO at Learning through Landscapes explains why these grants are so important:

“When a school receives a Local School Nature Grant, they are able to take a positive step towards making a huge difference in their pupils’ lives by taking them outdoors for learning and play every day. This small step leads to happier, healthier children who are more engaged with their education and the world around them.
Thanks to the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, Learning through Landscapes have been able to make these changes a reality in over 3000 schools and for countless children across the UK.”

Schools from England, Scotland and Wales can continue to apply for a Local School Nature Grant this year until Friday 11th November 2022, and previously unsuccessful schools are welcome to re-apply.