25 July 2022

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Greenhouse Sports has supported more than 50,000 children through their high-quality sport programmes, keeping them engaged with education whilst helping them to achieve better results, better jobs, and a better future. The magic of Greenhouse Sports ultimately sits with the phenomenal coaches who engage with the children and young people through sport and teach them important life-skills.

Jason Sugrue, Director of Coaching at Greenhouse Sports, described how important it is to him to work with the children and young people:

“Coaching elite performers, it’s seen as elite but coaching the children that we work with to become elite human beings is more important than any trophy I could ever win.”

Children from the poorest families are 3 times more likely to not participate in any extra-curricular activities compared to those from better-off families, and they lack many opportunities that are available to their wealthier peers. They are more likely to:

  • leave school with no qualifications,
  • be excluded from school
  • get involved in crime and gang violence
  • suffer from mental health issues.

These children miss out on the many positive outcomes that are linked to regular exercise, including longer life expectancies, improved mental and physical health, and better grades in school. The lack of access to sport means they are also denied lessons in discipline, teamwork, and resilience, important qualities that will help them progress later in life and in their careers. Despite the well-documented advantages of sport participation, there is a striking lack of opportunities for poorer children.

Thanks to the vital support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery Greenhouse coaches can work fulltime in schools running breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs, as well as holiday camps across London and now in Portsmouth and Leicester.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised £3,125,000 for Greenhouse Sports, with funds awarded via Postcode Active Trust.

This is My Playbook: Stories from the Locker Room of Life

Greenhouse Sports have also recently launched a new podcast where you can hear from a host of inspiring people from across the canvas of life - sport, business, the arts, education and more.

To learn more about the podcast, click here.