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Women for Women International supports women survivors of war to rebuild their lives and communities. Working in some of the world’s most challenging post-conflict settings, the charity delivers life-changing training to equip women with knowledge and skills to break free from poverty and create stable futures for themselves and their families.

Funding raised thanks to People’s Postcode Lottery players will allow 1,800 women to enroll in Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme across three conflict-affected countries: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

The 12-month programme targets women living at the deadly intersection of poverty, insecurity, and gender inequality. At the time of enrollment, 94% of participants earn less than $1.90 per day – the threshold for extreme poverty set by the World Bank. Many have been forced to flee their homes, lost loved ones, and experienced sexual and gender-based violence. Women also face discrimination and abuse stemming from harmful gender norms, which restrict their life chances.

Programme participants come together in groups of 25 within their communities, forming a close-knit support network to combat isolation and build collective power. Over the course of a year, they learn a vocational skill and business basics to sustain an income, while developing critical knowledge to improve their health and wellbeing, manage household finances, and advocate for their rights in their homes and wider communities.

After just one year of this holistic training, women are able to achieve measurable progress against key social and economic outcomes, including improved earnings and savings, greater agency and decision-making power, and increased social support. In 2020:

  • 74% of women reported setting aside savings at programme graduation, compared to just 20% at enrolment
  • Average household savings grew from $75.03 to $284.11 globally – an increase of over 200%
  • Women’s average self-efficacy score increased by 84% between enrollment and graduation. This measures women’s positive perception of themselves and confidence in their abilities
Aime, a programme graduate from the Democratic Republic of Congo, shared what these outcomes meant for her and her family: "The main change I am proud of during my time in the programme is the fact that I am no longer 100% financially dependent on my husband and we make decisions together. As a mother of eight children, and five girls, I will ensure that they have an education that I did not have, and that they are treated equally."

Women for Women international knows that advancing women’s power is essential to breaking cycles of poverty and violence. By investing where inequality is greatest, more women like Aime have the chance to fulfil their potential and drive change towards a more equal, peaceful and prosperous future.

Over £1.4 million has been raised for Women for Women thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery.