22 March 2021

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Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, 78 woodlands have been created in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding area as part of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust’s Together for Trees campaign.

Launched in 2018, the appeal aimed to support the planting of 100,000 trees over a two-year period, harnessing the power of trees for people, landscape and wildlife.

Woodland has been planted all across the Yorkshire Dales national park, and in Nidderdale where more than 10,000 trees have been planted at two sites.

Everyone knows that trees are amazing - a single oak tree can support up to 284 species of insects. Yet, in the Yorkshire Dales native broadleaf woodland cover is under 3% and as much as 80% of forests worldwide have been destroyed or irreparably degraded. Our remaining woodlands are under threat from disease and poor management and many species of wildlife that rely on them are at risk.

"Player support has been vital in allowing us to reach our target and create beautiful woodland that everyone can enjoy," Mike Appleton from the Trust said.
"It has also meant we can look to the future and extend the appeal even further; planting an additional 26 hectares of new woodlands over the next two years.
"As a thank you to players, we will dedicate 1,000 trees at a new woodland on Swinesett Hill near Hawes."

YDMT works with young carers, refugees and asylum seekers and those who live with social isolation, disabilities or mental health problems to access the Yorkshire Dales and experience its wellbeing benefits. With the charity's help, these same groups have been involved in planting trees and will be involved in caring for them in the future.

"We know how important planting trees is if we are to tackle the climate crisis," Mike added. "But access to these wild spaces is really crucial if we are to connect people with nature. Together for Trees has brought groups to the Dales that would have never visited before – and involved them in direct climate changing action."

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised close to £3 million over the last 12 years for YDMT.

This funding allows the charity to continue to deliver inspirational projects that make a big difference to the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales.