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A lifeline for those left behind

Every 90 seconds someone is reported missing in the UK. Missing People provides vital support to those left behind after a loved one disappears.

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Charity Missing People is the only UK charity dedicated to reuniting missing children and adults with their families, providing a vital lifeline for those affected when someone goes missing.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people reach crisis point, leave their home and find themselves in danger. For their heartbroken loved ones left behind, they remain in limbo as they hope and wait for their safe return.

Eight in ten adults who go missing experience mental health issues such as depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts - or simply reach breaking point. 

The vision of Missing People is that every missing person is found safe. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised almost £7 million for Missing People, in support of its work. The charity's expertly trained staff and volunteers are a lifeline when someone disappears, offering practical help with the search on behalf of those left behind and provides unique specialised support to ease their heartache and improve wellbeing.

With vital support from players, the charity is able to speak to people around the clock through its helpline when they need it the most. With ongoing support, one day it hopes to bring all missing people back to a place of safety and end their family's pain.

One such family benefiting from the support made possible by players is Fatima Mohamed-Ali's. A mother and grandmother, Fatima went missing in February 2016 from New Haven in Sussex and her family have not seen or heard from her since.

Her husband Mohamed Mohamed-Ali has been supported by Missing People since her disappearance.

He said: "I would not be sat here talking to you if it wasn't for the charity. You feel so devastated and my children were devastated too."

Learning to cope without Fatima, who was a strong figure at the heart of her family, was extremely difficult for Mohamed. She disappeared from her home on a Friday evening, leaving her handbag and other personal items behind. This was completely out of character for Fatima, who Mohamed describes as 'devoted to her children and grandchildren'.

As time went on, Mohamed found it difficult to keep going. Both his mental health and ability to continue with day-to-day activities suffered. He took time off work and stayed at home waiting for her to return. His support worker from Missing People called regularly to check in on him and also arranged for him to have counselling, to help him to cope.

Mohamed added: "We do not have any words bigger than to say we thank you all for making the charity's hard work and effort to highlight Fatima's disappearance possible. We shall forever be supporting this charity and will always help and support anyone who needs us. Without them we would not know what we would do or who would listen to our pain and who we would go to for help when a loved one goes missing."