27 April 2020

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“You are our lifeline.”

These are the words of one young Mum facing lockdown with three small children, while also caring for her parents and sister, to the Children 1st family support worker, who is supporting her through each day of the Covid-19 crisis.

As families face the pressures of extended lockdown, financial hardship and the loss of their usual supports, thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, Children 1st, Scotland’s national children’s charity, is at the frontline – doing everything possible to keep children and families safe from harm.

Now more than ever, in the charity’s 130 year history, the combination of practical help and emotional support Children 1st provides is preventing families reaching breaking point and keeping them strong enough to weather the challenges of coping through Covid-19.

Across Scotland the charity’s family support workers are ensuring families have the food and funds they need to survive. They are making sure children have the toys they need to play and that everybody has access to laptops and the internet to keep them connected to school, friends, family and essential sources of support.

Professional money advisors are making sure families can pay the bills and preventing children experiencing greater poverty. The charity’s national helpline, Parentline, continues to offer every family help and support to address the difficulties they face, on the phone, by webchat and online.

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised almost £7 million for Children 1st.

With this funding and as vulnerable families see other sources of support disappear, Children 1st is continuing to be there for children and families struggling with unprecedented levels of distress and loneliness.

The charity offers children and families calm and reassuring support, giving them space to share their anxiety, ongoing support to reduce their sense of isolation and help to manage their emotions and find the strength to continue to cope.

Now more than ever that support is preventing and protecting children and their families from harm.

Mary Glasgow, Chief Executive of Children 1st said: "I cannot thank players enough for their continuing support, at what is such an incredibly difficult time for everybody. Right now, your support is giving families the lifeline they need to keep their children safe."