Barrow In Furness Millions June 2018

Code of conduct for responsible play


Postcode Lottery Group operate lotteries across five countries with over 13 million players. The Postcode Lottery format and related lotteries are owned by Novamedia, a social enterprise which is 100% owned by the not-for-profit Novamedia Foundation.

The shared mission is to contribute to a better world by raising funds for good causes through operating charity lotteries in a socially responsible way. Over more than 30 years our players have raised more than €12.5 billion for civil society. Our fundraising model supports unrestricted and long-term charity funding. Our lotteries are subscription based, where you sign up in advance to play, with no chance of instant gratification or reward because the draws take place on a weekly, or in most cases, monthly basis. Therefore, the time between subscription and outcome is long.

There are large differences between charity lotteries and gambling/betting companies, not just in terms of problem gambling but also regarding their aim: charity fundraising versus private profitmaking. Despite the limited risks, we are committed to ensuring our operations protect potentially vulnerable players and this code of conduct outlines our commitment in this area.


Our commitment

While there are cultural, regulatory, and legal differences across the countries we operate in, this document sets out the agreed principles we commit to. It goes without saying that our lotteries fully comply with all applicable national and EU/EEA regulations, including sector-specific self-regulation and best practice; this includes European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Certification. 

European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standards.

In addition, we are among the safest lottery operators in the market with many safeguards hardwired into our model and our values. This Code of Conduct applies to all Postcode Lotteries and guides all new lottery operations.