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Sightsavers has carried out more than 1,400 vision-saving cataract operations and 90,000 eye examinations in Mozambique, thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery.

International charity, Sightsavers has a vision of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes, and where people with disabilities participate equally in society. The charity works with partners in more than 30 countries worldwide, focusing on Africa and Asia.

Almost £4 million raised by players is helping support a number of vital eye health and inclusion projects throughout Africa.


Nampula, Mozambique is home to Gordane and Suhura, both of whom were blind from cataracts. Their conditions meant they had not been able to see each other's faces for a number of years and also left then unable to make a living and live independently, often relying on food donations from their community.

Thanks to the support from players, they were able to have operations and regain their sight.


Ambassador Matt Johnson visited a player to share Gordane and Suhara's incredible story and the difference Sightsavers made to their lives, something that was only possible thanks to players just like her.

The Sightsavers team said: "Last month, we revisited them at their home and were thrilled to find out that they can now do all the things that they were unable to do before their operations. They have crops growing outside their house now and we even went to the market with them to buy groceries!"
"I am very happy to see again!" Suhura said, "I can now do all the things around the house that I couldn't do before and also support Gordane in the field. I love taking care of Gordane, cooking for him, washing his clothes, cleaning the yard. He loves the food that I cook, mainly 'Caracata' (Cassava flour with mushrooms). We have planted a few crops around the house and we have also been able to start farming maize, cassava, peanuts and beans in a field about 20km away."
Gordane added: "I've been able to start making my mats again now that I can see - I feel like we have reborn now that we can see again. In our free time we love to sing and dance. When Suhura had her sight back, she started cutting my hair and beard again. She also joins me in the field to cut grass for the roof of the house. I feel young again and I can now do all the things I used to be able to do before I went blind. We are so happy that you visited. Thank you so much!"

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